Veterinary Compounding
Veterinary Compounding allows Veterinarian’s and Pet owners to treat their animals more effectively and efficiently.
These services include:

• Formulations of no longer available medications/products
• Formulations to reduce the dosage strength of commercially available products
• Improved dosage devices to improve administration or alternative dosage routes and forms
• Preparations for good taste or flavor specific to the animal

We provide Compounding Services for a variety of Animals in need of improved compliance to medication.
Several examples are listed below.

Small Animals:
• Allergies/Dermatologic
• Seizure control
• Hypertension
• Diabetes/Thyroid Disease

• Dermatological Infections
• Feather Plucking/Self Mutilation
• Systemic Fungal Infections

• Fungal Keratosis
• Anti-Diarrheals
• Electrolyte Pastes
Contact our clinical pharmacists with questions and formulations for your specific compounding need

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