Andropause: A Need For Testosterone Therapy
Andropause is often referred to testosterone deficiency in aging men. It is also referred to late-onset hypogonadism, where the testes are dysfunctional and testosterone production is reduced. Other reasons for this to occur include and are not limited to the following: exposure to heat, smoking, alcohol, liver or kidney problems and physical damage to testes.

Andropause has been linked with various conditions including sexual dysfunction, low libido, depression, declining muscle tone, osteoporosis and associated with many other health conditions. This condition is receiving increasing medical evaluation, resulting in favorable research in the consideration of maintaining adequate levels of testosterone.

Low testosterone levels can be identified through blood tests (serum) ordered by a doctor. They can also test gonadotropins (LH and FSH) levels to determine what type of hypogonadism is present. In primary hypogonadism both LH and FSH can be elevated while in secondary hypogonadism both can remain normal or low. Serum levels as well as symptoms need to be evaluated in order to determine the actual cause of the drop in testosterone production and to see if hormone replacement is appropriate.
There are various treatment options available to treat andropause, one of them being testosterone replacement therapy. Various routes of administration and doses of testosterone are also accessible with a prescription. Testosterone replacement therapy should be individualized and can be prepared as a(n):
Intramuscular Injection

An individualized treatment can enhance a patient health. In a 24-week multicenter, randomized active-comparator trial, it was found that intramuscular testosterone injections were associated with positive effects on sexual function and libido. Troches (similar to lozenges) might be suitable for a male who is already receiving testosterone but needs an extra boost that may help to increase sexual drive and performance. Our compounding pharmacist can mask the bitter taste of testosterone with a wide variety of flavors.

Compounded testosterone formulations can be more patient-friendly as they can contain higher-concentrations thus requiring smaller dosages. These applications offer simpler and more practical alternatives to other routes of administration.
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